Our Tools For Your Success

Roam Sales Agency provides multifaceted support for all aspects of your business. From experienced sales staff to our in-house marketing agency, we customize each experience to the retailer’s unique market.

  • Strategic rep placement: All retailers will have proper access to our strategically-placed anchor reps. 
  • In-store participation: From sales events to staff training, we aim to grow retailer business with constant participation. 
  • Engaging and responsive staff at home office during business hours for all vendor/retailer/rep needs. 
  • We work just as hard for the small retailers. Giving the same attention to all retailers will enhance the overall growth of the current dealer base. 
  • Merchandising assistance: By creating floor plans and using vendor-provided merchandising tools, retailers are given the means for a productive and visually appealing brand presentation.


Kai Creative Co. is a pioneering design/marketing agency for small business and outdoor retailers. Through our exclusive partnership, they will provide what may be the most important part of the retail environment today: digital marketing and social media adaptationKai Creative Co. will work with each retailer’s needs and answer all digital/creative aspects including (but not limited to) utilization of vendor tools, custom artwork, marketing direction and campaigns.


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